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i have a thing for you, orange (tangerine)

19 Jun

It never ceases to amaze (annoy) me that summer doesn’t really get going in Portland until after the fourth of July. While we’ve had some beautiful weather (this weekend was awesome!), you can’t count on consistent sun and warmth until after binging on hot dogs, chips, fruit platters and red/white/blue funfetti cakes. Despite (or in spite of) gloomy weather, I’ve been seriously loving anything orange/tangerine this year. I should mention it’s also one of Pantone’s colors for spring/summer 2012. I’m slightly Pantone obsessed (we have 12 mugs at my house), so good to know I’m on the right track.

Here are some of my favorite finds-

Equipment Singature Orange Blouse:

Fun fact: For a mere $19.99, I picked up a Mossimo lookalike at Target this weekend. While I’d love to buy any and all Equipment blouses, you really can’t go wrong with a good lookalike.

This blazer (via southern proper on tumblr):

Deborah Lippman’s ‘Lara’s Theme’ nail polish:

In the summer, I always seem to have some bright nail color going on. I love this one because it isn’t too overwhelming, yet it’s still fun.

J Brand’s tangerine cutoff shorts (via Bloomingdales):

J Brand is my all time favorite/go to for all things denim. Denim shorts are no exception, and these cutoff tangerine colored ones would definitely belong in my closet if I felt like forking over $158 for them (which I don’t.) Love them nonetheless!

Nike Women’s Pro Training sports bra:

Since I’m trying not to fall completely off the running wagon (operative word there being trying) since completing my half marathon, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy some workout clothes too. Nike is and has always been my go-to.

 And, finally, this tangerine-colored Trina Turk pillow:

Can’t wait until I actually have space to decorate!