favorites this friday

1 Jun

Happy Friday! I went to San Francisco this past weekend, lucked out with beautiful weather and returned home to still have another day off work in celebration of Memorial Day. Oh, and it’s all of the sudden June, too. Huh? When did that happen, seriously?  I’ll be 24 in 13 days and that seems weird in and of itself.

Here are a few things I’ve been loving-

The Weeknd – Loft Music. Seriously can’t get over his voice. Plus he’s one of Drake’s cronies and I obviously love Drake too (and still think it’s hilariously awesome he was on Degrassi.) I’ve been listening to more music than usual this week and it’s been so clutch.

Oia Jules. This Etsy shop creates jewelry inspired by my current favorite place in the world: Oia, Santorini, Greece. I wear a host of bracelets everyday without fail, and would love to add these to my collection…

Natural Beauty. I love pictures that reflect the natural beauty of people, places and objects. I love these shots of Leighton Meester & Marilyn Monroe (unfortunately just found on Tumblr…any idea of the source?). Say no to too much makeup!

Fun sayings. Always love ’em and this is no exception-

Be yourself. Own it and go with your gut.


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