someday i’ll have a balcony

24 Apr

And hopefully it will be as awesome as these. I first fell in love with French-style bistro chairs and tables when my mom opened her outdoor design store in Portland’s Pearl District. Every day after middle school I would ride the bus to the store, gawk over the pieces and usually head over to legendary diner Byways Cafe for a BLT to-go (on sourdough, obvi). Flying to California to hunt the LA Flea Market for new pieces for the store was another highlight, and it was then I developed my affinity for this patio furniture.   Luckily, Sweden’s Alvhem Makleri Design & Interiors loves them too.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out there? Delicious breakfast carbs..check. French press…check. Europe…check. Perfectly styled patio…check. I could really just go for renting an apartment in Sweden for a week and calling that a pretty good time.


One Response to “someday i’ll have a balcony”

  1. travellingbag April 24, 2012 at 4:35 am #

    Love a good balcony – I wrote one of my recent posts on exactly the same subject 🙂

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